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  • 10,000 bottles per hour based on 330ml
  • MOQ 200hl
  • Sterile filtration and tunnel pasteurisation
  • Shrink and tray or wraparound cardboard box
  • Self-adhesive and wet glue and paper labeller
  • Matrix Tri block rinser, filler and crowner
  • Screw cap facility
  • Blending facility direct to bottling with state-of-the-art dilution and carbonation straight to filler
  • Fully automated depalletiser and palletiser
  • Glass bottles ranging from 275ml to 750ml
  • Brew and bottle or bottle only dedicated intake main
  • Production of soft drinks and tonics


  • 7,000 cans per hour based on 330ml
  • MOQ 100hl
  • Pasteuriser, sterile filtration or clean fill
  • Can labelling facility for unprinted cans
  • Tray and shrink, box format, multipack and toppers
  • Brew and can or can only
  • Counter pressure rotary filler
  • Double seamer
  • Can sizes 330ml, 330ml sleek, 440ml and 500ml

For further information regarding both bottling and canning please email:

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