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Heineken have been involved in a recent production expansion project over the last 18 – 24 months.

The project addressed a variety of different areas across the whole of the production process, including production equipment design, installation and commissioning as well as brewing and packaging trials on both existing and new brands.

I can confirm that the project was completed successfully and within timescale and budget expectations. Throughout the project the Camerons Project Team always acted very professionally and with a good level of attention to detail. Both of these certainly contributed to the overall success of the project, as well as helping with the smoothness of each phase of the project implementation.

In parallel with this project, Camerons also undertook their own independent programme to help develop their workforce and safety and operational standards. This programme has seen a step change in the operating environment at the Brewery and again contributed to the manner in which the project was completed.

Since the project has been completed, the production of our products at the site has been maintained at the high standards set by both parties.



Camerons are a great team to work with, who continuously deliver quality product.

They are very proactive when changes are required, communication and supply is always on time. Collaboration is always stress free and very productive with all their team. They are an extremely knowledgeable and flexible team who always deliver and are a fun and cooperative team to work with as well.

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